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    Lesson 2 - The Whys, "Wise"

    • Lesson 2 - The Whys, "Wise"
    • Lesson 2 Video
    • Exercise #2
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    Lesson 3 - The Quickening

    • Lesson 3 - The Quickening
    • Lesson 3 Video
    • Exercise #3
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    Lesson 4 - Integrity and Love

    • Lesson 4 - Integrity and Love
    • Lesson 4 Video
    • Exercise #4
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    Lesson 5 - Love and Freedom

    • Lesson 5 - Love and Freedom
    • Lesson 5 Video
    • Exercise #5
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    Recording of Question & Answer with Zalah Part 1

    • Question & Answer With Zalah Part 1
    • Question & Answer with Zalah Part 1 Video
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    Recording of Question and Answer with Zalah Part 2

    • Question & Answer with Zalah Part 2
    • Question & Answer with Zalah Part 2 Video
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    Lesson 6 - Presence & The Spiral of Life

    • Lesson 6 - Presence & The Spiral of Life
    • Lesson 6 Video
    • Exercise #6
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    Lesson 7 - Love & Your Three Part System

    • Lesson 7 -Love & Your Three Part System
    • Lesson 7 Video
    • Exercise #7
  • 10

    Lesson 8 - Beingness

    • Lesson 8 - Beingness
    • Lesson 8 Video Class
    • Exercise #8
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Online Consciousness Course

Do you have a deep inner longing for answers? Do you have a true authentic spiritual desire to find a sustainable connection to a new life experience - a new series of life experiences that contain all the magic and fulfillment they have been searching for?  A path that encompasses all the tools and support that you could ever hope or imagine for. 

Do you ever feel like the present moment is illusive, have you ever spent time worrying about tomorrow or rehashing past mistakes and situations of guilt/trauma? Or are you constantly focused on what you don’t have now but want in the future? Have you ever felt like your thoughts have become so contaminated with past and future that there is rarely space for true enjoyment of the present moment? This habitual way of thinking and being is today’s gigantic PINK elephant in the room that most are unaware of - or if aware they do not know how to deal with it.  The to do list, anxiety and frustration take up so much precious headspace and deeply influences thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors.  This tips over into jobs, relationships and can have negative impacts on overall enjoyment of life, and even over time on mental/physical health.

If you have ever asked the question “there must be more to life than this” or wondered why and how you exist here on earth and what your purpose is.  If you have heard the words “spiritual evolution”, “expanded consciousness”, and have found yourself seeking meanings to these concepts or if you have interest in learning more about practices such as meditation or something similar to help alleviate stress, and experience something beyond the ordinary, then The Consciousness Accelerator Course will empower you with answers that you did not even know you had questions for. 

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Zalah at the CFT

Head Facilitator and Founder

Zalah at the CFT

Zalah is the founder and lead facilitator at the Centre for Transformation. Zalah is a mentor who is committed to taking the axiomatic principles he has learned and passing them down to a new generation of spiritual pilgrims. These teachings are designed to help those who are committed to filling their lives with a deeper sense of meaning and a firmer connection to love. He aids many people who are sick and tired of struggling in the Illusion (the physical world) transcend the boundaries that are keeping them trapped and achieve a clear sense of congruence with their Divine soul.

As a part of this course you will receive:

  • 8 Educational Video Classes that explore foundational learnings by Zalah, Spiritual Teacher and Founder of The CFT™.

  • 2 Recorded Q&A sessions with Zalah delving into student’s questions and into the topic of LOVE exploring the deeper understandings of a word that is widely used and yet so often misunderstood.

  • 8 Experiential exercises & downloadable worksheets. One exercise accompanies each class viewed. This provides the opportunity to dig deep and explore these new depths within yourself.

Enhanced Benefits

  • Get introduced to new ways of looking at life, and looking at the power of a question. So many children intuitively know to ask “WHY”. Understand the power of this question and it’s potential to optimize your life.

  • Learn about "THE DIVINE 3 - PART OPERATING SYSTEM" that each human is born with. Learn how this system connects with the energy body each of us has - introducing our true potential forgotten by much of society.

  • Learn about “THE BOX” the small portion of our full selves that most humans stay trapped in and be introduced to potentials beyond that box of your typical human experience.

  • Make the connection between LOVE, INTEGRITY, COURAGE and quality of life.

  • Gain perspective on the times we are living in and what “THE QUICKENING” is all about. The importance of “Going Within” during this time.

  • Take a journey back in time to explore and discover how CREATION actually comes from FREEDOM.

  • Receive a deep explanation on “CONSCIOUSNESS” and what the re-imagined formula ROE means in a spiritual sense, with regards to our everyday lives.

  • Be introduced to the learning process a soul goes through when learning new life lessons lovingly referred to as “THE SPIRAL OF LIFE."

  • Reconnect with PRESENCE and understand why it is so important to get into your BEINGNESS. Recognize properties experienced in childhood that have been forgotten about, that when re-integrated truly make life magical once more.

  • Gain an understanding of some of the foundational Spiritual concepts introduced and taught at the Centre for Transformation (The CFT).

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Content That Speaks to Your Soul. Exercises That Take You Deeper

As you take in this content you will find that whatever you need to hear right now jumps out at you. After each class exercises are in place to help you take these principles deeper - connecting the information to your past, present and future reality. You will find that not only will you be able to apply this to your past experience but often it will be obvious to you how you can shift you current reality (ways of thinking/ ways of dealing with things). As you take action you will find your consciousness and every day reality accelerating in a new, fulfilling direction.

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